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Small-Budget Facebook Ads: Strategies for Success

How to Run Successful Facebook Ads

While your business is growing, you may be hesitant to invest in online advertising. But with organic search declining and paid promotions dominating the online space, it’s incredibly important to put ad money behind your company.

As a small business, we understand Facebook ads are a part of getting our name out there—but we’ve learned a few tricks to get the most out of our dollars.

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Augmented & Virtual Reality: A New View for Marketing Your Business

Woman using Virtual Reality in the work place for analysis

As marketers, we’re always dabbling with the latest technology. After all, our worlds are inherently digital.

Even at home, we’re surrounded by technology. And depending on how connected we choose to be, we can now trade our world for that of augmented or virtual reality.

Both concepts are quickly becoming a tool for marketing—and businesses of all size are leading the way.

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5 Simple Steps to Start Achieving Your Goals

Goal achievement steps to winning

We’ve all been encouraged to “Dream Big” at some point in our lives. Goals are easy to dream up, but taking the steps to actually achieve one is the difficult part. All goals needs to be defined, planned, and followed up on. As a remote team, we take goals seriously—so we’re sharing the steps to help you take action on your dreams.

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Is Text Message Marketing Dead?

Is SMS Marketing still effective

Some make a ping, others a ding. The sound of a text message is loud enough to draw the attention of every person in a room. It is one of billions of messages received on American cell phones every day. Five billion SMS messages were sent each day in 2015. No wonder we’re constantly buried in our phones!

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Working Remotely: The Perspective of a Fully Remote Team

Team member working from the home office as part of a remote team.

What does your ideal office look like? Does it overlook a park or mountain vista? Or does it have a solid oak desk and restaurant-grade coffeemaker in the corner for fresh afternoon brews.

While we all have a dream work space, the difference today is it can be anything from your dining room table to a corner office in a downtown high rise.

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Paid Social Media Advertising: Fad or New Reality?

Social media thoughts and paid advertising graphic design image

Pay to play. These three words are usually thrown around in reference to having some level of clout and influence. But what if they were becoming synonymous with social media? But why, you ask. An argument is social media has become the new advertising. And with most forms of advertising, free only goes so far before the impact and luster wear off.

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Google vs. Facebook

Two people sitting at desk with one Google Laptop and one with a Facebook laptop graphic design image

There’s a very high chance that if you use the internet at all during the day, two of your visits will include Google and Facebook. One rose from the dot-com boom and bust while the other grew from a college dorm. Regardless of your personal opinion of either company, it’s undeniable the impact they have had and continue to have on the internet.

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