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Increase Your Twitter Followers Quickly with these tips

Increase Your Twitter Followers Quickly

Social media has exploded since the early 2000’s and the world has never been the same. Toppling barriers in communication, platforms like Facebook and Twitter were the culprits for this revolution; and since then, have dominated the social networking sphere. Because of this fact, our team at Mad Mouse Creative have compiled information to show you how to increase your Twitter followers quickly.

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How to setup a Facebook account the right way

How to Start Using Facebook The Right Way

Did you know that there are nearly 2 billion people using Facebook? According to WorldOMeters, that’s nearly 25% of the Earth’s population. With all of these users interacting with one another and the billions of posts being processed every day, how do you know if you’re actually using Facebook the right way? Do you know about all of it’s features and functionalities? Do you know that there’s more to Facebook than just posting funny pictures or thoughts with friends or family?

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What a business owner should know before spending money on a new website

15 Things to Know Before Investing in a Custom Website

If you are reading this article, you may be considering investing in a custom website. As a business owner, you’ll never stop investing in new tools and technologies, evaluating the competition, or improving company processes. While these are important strategies to keep your business a step above the rest, there’s one investment that combines all three strategies in one place—your company website.

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Goal achievement steps to winning

5 Simple Steps to Start Achieving Your Goals

We’ve all been encouraged to “Dream Big” at some point in our lives. Goals are easy to dream up, but taking the steps to actually achieve one is the difficult part. All goals needs to be defined, planned, and followed up on. As a remote team, we take goals seriously—so we’re sharing the steps to help you take action on your dreams.

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Is SMS Marketing still effective

Is Text Message Marketing Dead?

Some make a ping, others a ding. The sound of a text message is loud enough to draw the attention of every person in a room. It is one of billions of messages received on American cell phones every day. Five billion SMS messages were sent each day in 2015. No wonder we’re constantly buried in our phones!

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